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Vive La France!


Carla Bruni is an almost absurdly beautiful mode-turned-singer, whose debut album was one of the delights of 2002. Now, however (via the London Times) there’s this:

They don’t call him Speedy Sarko for nothing. It’s exactly two months since President Sarkozy very reluctantly confirmed that Cécilia, his wife, had left and divorced him. Today, he has presented France with a new girlfriend, Carla Bruni, who turns 39 this week. Sarko being Sarko, he chose as the venue the Christmas parade at Disneyland Paris..Known as a tempestuous and intellectual beauty, she is celebrated for a busy romantic life. Newspapers today discreetly mentioned her reputation as une dévoreuse d’hommes, a man-eater. Former close friends range from Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton to Laurent Fabius, the former Socialist Prime Minister and other famous actors and writers. A couple of years ago, Bruni featured as the villain in a book by Justine Lévy, daughter of Bernard-Henri Lévy, the thinker, after she departed with Lévy’s husband Jean-Paul Enthoven…Welcoming readers to “Sarko: Season Two”, Libération concluded: “This paparazzised idyll, carried out with the complicity of the subjects, will do a lot to refurbish the image of a President who was left to his own devices by his ex-spouse.
 And with that splendid news behind us, we return our coverage to, sigh, Mike Huckabee…


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