Ron Paul -- Two Decades of Leadership

by Richard Brookhiser

Cleaning out a drawer, I found one of my all-time favorite political items–a flyer that was handed to me at a Democratic debate in New Hampshire in 1984. The centerpiece is a chart titled, “Who is RESPONSIBLE?” At the top center is the main man: “DAVID ROCKEFELLER, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations….North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission [addresses of both thoughtfully provided].” RONALD REAGAN floats impotently beneath him, and all around are the members of the CFR and the TC who really run things, in government and business, even in supposedly conservative administrations. 

I saved this for personal reasons: at the end of the box labeled MEDIA, after the rogues of TIME INC., NEWSWEEK/WASH POST, and DOW JONES, comes NATIONAL REVIEW, with Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. (CFR) and, drumroll, Richard Brookhiser (CFR). I was what is called a term member for a few years in the early eighties, but I did not make the cut to full membership. (Keep your powder dry, though; as the chart notes, “It is a standard practice for members to resign…”)

But I was interested now to see something I had not noticed in 1984: in a long discussion on the flip side, “Why a BANKRUPT AMERICA?” there is a quotation from “Congressman Ron Paul.” “I think it is high time that the American people found out exactly what the ‘Fed’ is up to in its domestic dealings, as well as in its relationship with foreign governments and international banks.”

Ron Paul did not produce or approve this leaflet; his quotation was taken from the public record. But it shows that wicked idiots have long admired him because his EZ2Read style and occasional flashes of paranoia make them think he is one of them.

Ron Paul–inspiring wicked idiots since 1984.

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