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From a reader (chuckle-inducing):

By [Ron] Paul’s estimation, they’ve raised in one quarter enough money to run the federal government for a year.

Indeed, I wonder when they could last run the whole thing on $18 million?

Speaking of which, that Omnibus spending bill is finally available (I’d link to it but it’s in something like 47 different parts, so forget it). It won’t make for pleasant reading, but I’ll pass along updates as they come.

One reader angrily demands that I point out the fact that Republicans also played around with the timing of delivery of bill texts when they were in the majority. That is absolutely true — but the main point here was never that Democrats do it, but that appropriators play the game in a particularly clever, underhanded way. I recall Rep. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.), for example, coming to the floor with a massive print-out, complaining that he had had “no time to read this” or something like that. His party was in the majority at the time.

But there are three parties in Congress (Ds, Rs, Appropriators), not two.

In case you feel like you’re being robbed in this spending binge, here is an anecdote from a reader whose recollection, at least, is amusing:

Years ago the New York Times…printed a story about a judge who was speaking to a community group in Queens. The subject was neighborhood crime.

The very liberal judge expressed great sympathy for underprivileged youth who were drawn into a life of robbery and mugging. He added that he, too had been mugged but that had not changed his mind about rehabilitation rather than punishment – whereupon someone in the audience shouted, “Mug him again, then!”


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