Re: Interoperability, Ctd.

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Ramesh, you are now changing the subject.  You initially asked how Giuliani had distinguished himself from the rest of the field, such that he rated being made chief executive.  David gave you an example.  Instead of saying yes, that’s right, or no, that’s wrong, you respond that his undeniable executive accomplishments and effectiveness should be ignored because the radios weren’t interoperable on 9/11.  I’m sorry, but that is not the same standard that gets applied to the other candidates. 

It’s perfectly fair on your part to argue that Giuliani’s positions on a variety of issues make him unfit to be the the GOP standard bearer.  It’s equally fair to argue that you think Giuliani’s partisans inflate his strengths.  But denying his unquestionable executive accomplishments and skill by deflecting the conversation to a problem no one else would have solved before 9/11 is going out of your way to be negative.  You are as able as anyone I can think of — you don’t need to do that, and you have been making your case, in typically effective fashion, without doing that.

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