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More Carrot, Less Stick


From a longtime reader:

Jonah, I know you take my insults better than you take my advice, but I have
some important advice for you and your cohorts on The Corner.

It’s regarding Huckabee.

I don’t know him personally, but I know lots of people who do (I was in
Seminary down here at the same time he was) and I know a lot about the kind
of mindset people with his background have.

In some ways, very bad ways from your perspective, he is like Bush. He is
not a Movement Conservative. He *is* a social conservative, like me. But
he’s not solid on conservative doctrines.

If you guys are careful in how you handle him, he can learn. He has a
brilliant mind, and like all really preachers, he always, ALWAYS knows his

However, if you pile on him, he will be forever closed to you. And that
could be eight years of a president who won’t let you–or anyone you
champion–in the same room with him.

I think the guy has potential, but only if you Corner guys can get close
enough to him to help him.

Well, I hope no one shows him my piece from the latest issue of NRODT!