Re: The Huck & Scooter

by Jonathan H. Adler

I agree with Andy on this one, and would even go farther.  First, Huck needs to get his facts right — Scooter Libby’s sentence was commuted, but he was not pardoned, so he still loses his law license, has to pay the fine, etc., so he’s in the same position as the Iraq vet Huck mentioned.  Second, even if commuting Libby’s sentence was a mistake, no one was raped or murdered as a consequence.  Huck can’t say the same thing.  Third, the more this issue hangs around, the more reason there is to look at all 1,000-plus of Huck’s clemency actions, including those that freed criminals to commit further crimes and those that appear to be the result of undue influence by Huck associates.

Of course, I’m no Huck fan in the first place. 

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