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Anti-Evangelical NR Cont’d


Two emails:

As an evangelical, I have always felt support from the many writers, bloggers, ec. at National Review.  Yes, there are some individuals who distrust the creationism we evangelicals may believe in, and the magazine certainly is closer to the Catholic right than the evangelical right, but I always felt that we had a sympathetic ear at NR.
Of course, one problem is that it is not always clear who is an evangelical, and some who have claimed that title give me pause.  I can remember some evangelicals claiming that Nixon was one of us!!!  As for Huck, his evangelicalism is of little consequence to me, given the confusion of some of his policies.  After all, Carter was touted as an evangelical, and gained some support for that from evangelicals.  Ouch.
So, keep up your good work.  There are probably few places where this evangelical feels more at home than at NRO.


Dear Jonah,   Another thing you e-mailer conveniently fails to note is NRO’s and your steadfast defense of John Ashcroft when he was AG. Hell, you threatened to stop reading my e-mails after I told you that you should be ashamed of yourself for defending him. I don’t recall NRO ever criticizing Ashcroft and going to great lengths to defend him during his tenure as AG.   Interesting that NRO would so vehemently defend the highest profile evangelical politician of this generation, when you all allegedly hate evangelicals.


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