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Mike Huckabee is now becoming a very divisive figure in the Republican party. It’s not his faith or his Merry Christmas commercial that many conservatives question (I certainly don’t), but it’s his record as governor and his stated positions on the war, foreign policy generally, taxes, spending, and illegal aliens.  And exposing his positions is a natural part of the primary process.  He is now using his faith as a defense for populist/liberal/misguided policy positions and implying that those who disagree with him are challenging his faith — or more accurately, dismissing Evangelicals.   How did Huckabee become the spokesman for Christians anyway?  When did this happen?  A few weeks ago he was a little known governor from Arkansas with 2-percent national support among Republicans.  Now, he’s a spokesman for an entire religion, or part of it anyway.  (Also, I am not part of the Wall Street crowd, a neo-con or whatever, in case he or anyone on his staff is wondering.  Just an old-time Reaganite.)


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