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Dreher and Huckabee


Peter, much as I enjoy Rod Dreher’s writing, his piece is all too typical of the Huckabee-as-victim meme that is now beginning to surface (not least in those monstrously self-regarding comments, complete with quotation from Isaiah, from Huckabee himself). The idea that social conservatives are not taken seriously by the GOP hierarchy is, quite simply, nonsense : how else to explain, for example, some of the twisting and turning we have seen from Messrs Romney and Giuliani in recent months?

As for the idea that Governor Huckabee has been given an unfairly rough ride, Glenn Reynolds discusses that here:

I think that Huckabee has gotten a lot of mileage out of being a likable guy…Now that he’s moved up in the polls, people are starting to give him the kind of scrutiny that the Giulianis and McCains have been getting all along, and his positions aren’t holding up well. As for why people didn’t feel that way about Bush in 1999, that’s easy — it was because America was still taking a holiday from history, and foreign affairs and national security didn’t seem that important. Maybe we’ve learned something since then.