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Huck and Abortion


Let’s focus in on abortion, and more particularly a constitutional amendment in that regard.  Does Huckabee favor an amendment that outlaws abortion, or an amendment that returns authority to the states to decide the matter?  Can anyone explain this?  Huckabee has questioned Thompson’s fidelity to the pro-life agenda (despite Thompson’s numerous endorsements from pro-life groups, which admittedly is not definitive on the subject) primarily on the basis of Thompson supporting an amendment that returns the issue to the states.  Yet earlier this year, Huckabee took the same position as evidence by the interview to which I linked.  So, he has claimed both positions this year. I don’t think this is a minor issue in at least two respects: 1. What would his approach to the Constitution be?  2. If he is the self-anointed leader of Evangelicals (I say self-anointed because I’m not aware that he has received their consent anymore than Al Sharpton has received the consent of the black community to speak for it), then he needs to clear up which is his real position and explain how he could have held both nearly simultaneously.   Also, if Huckabee believes, as he did earlier this year, that abortion is a state issue, then how does he square that with his support for a constitutional amendment defining marriage (as opposed to an amendment that puts the issue squarely within the authority of state legislatures)?    I don’t believe this is merely an academic exercise.