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Huck and Abortion


Mark (Levin): I guess the more appropriate answer to your question is that I do not see Huckabee taking a firm stand on the question you asked in the interview you linked. He isn’t prescribing a political plan for pro-lifers. He was simply asked whether he wanted Roe overturned, and he simultaneously lamented (1) the removal of abortion from the state political process and (2) the idea that the Court would subordinate the right to life to other interests.

Huckabee may have a firmer position on this, I just don’t think he’s taking one in that interview — he merely answered the question put to him. Yet I still see no contradiction between the idea that abortion belongs at the state level under our Constitution, and that we might have to change the Constitution in order to protect the right to life.

I should add that I altered my post just minutes after putting it up – Thompson’s campaign denies that Thompson supports an amendment to return the issue to the states — they say that he simply advocates returning it to the states through the reversal of Roe.