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So Much Brainy Goodness


The new Winter issue of The Claremont Review of Books is out. Not too much is online yet, but I’m particularly keen — as always — on reading the pieces by Schambra, Ponnuru (he reviews Chait’s book, despite having blurbed it. Intriguing!), Kesler on the ‘08 election, Mansfield on Leo Strauss, VDH, Stan Kurtz, an appreciation of Kurt Vonnegut by Patrick Deneen, and a review of war movies by old pal Martha Bayles. Gah! Brain Freeze!

The whole thing makes for excellent single-malt scotch reading. Oh and, yes, bringing up the rear is a review by yours truly of Amity Shlaes’ book, The Forgotten Man. If you already subscribe to NR — and enjoy it — and you like weighty but lucid discussions of books and big ideas, I’m hard pressed to understand why anybody who could afford to subscribe to the CRB doesn’t do so.


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