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Publishing While Catholic


It looks like that could become Canada’s latest crime. For more, see “Catholic Insight under “human rights” attack.” And for an overview on Canada’s emerging loss of religious freedom, see “Civil rights war in Canada.” Maggie Gallagher has warned of this.

Canada’s “human rights” commissions have already made the jump from their original task of policing discrimination in job and housing ads to censoring letters to the editor. Now they’re poised to go after mainstream magazines. Having taken on the war on terror and social issues, maybe Canada’s human rights commissions could find some minority group offended by fiscal conservatism and make it a trifecta. Or why not just ban conservative opinion from Canada outright?

Any friend of freedom ought to be concerned about this, but it seems to me that Catholics in America and beyond ought to be especially disturbed by this turn of events. I think the most effective defense of Catholic Insight would be for respected and knowledgeable Catholics to read the offending articles and confirm that they are broadly consistent with Catholic doctrine and teaching. If that is so, then not only freedom of speech but freedom of religion would be deeply endangered in Canada.

It would be foolish of American Catholics not to recognize that a loss of freedom for Catholics in Canada could easily encourage similar efforts here in the United States. The battle to abolish Canada’s so-called human rights commissions is a battle that ought to concern everyone.