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As most readers have no doubt noticed, I often link to weird stories, websites, etc. Over the years, a huge chunk of them have come from one source: A reader named “Debby.” Long ago I asked her is she wanted some kind of role at NRO and she declined. But yesterday, after toiling anonymously without recognition or reward she asked me out of the blue if I could give her “Gal” status, as in the female equivalent of “Guy” status ( e.g. my Military Guys, Middle East guy, etc). To which I said, of course. So, starting today, she is my Odd Link Gal (O.L.G. for short, which could also double for Original Link Gangsta, but that’s not how we roll around here). Here are the items she sent me today:

Afterlife Telegrams offer an invaluable service to the bereaved. You write a message to your Dear Departed, and they give it to a terminally ill volunteer who memorizes it and then passes it on:

Are you tired of going out to the bars every weekend and spending all your hard earned money on overpriced beers? You need one of these fully functional Inflatable Pubs that you can set up right in your backyard.

Video of the Star Wars theme played on bagpipes. 57 sec. long.  Seems longer.

Scientists have cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene which makes them glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet beams:

Gallery of tentacle chandeliers.

Huggable Urns are teddy bears with a pouch for Grandma’s (or whoever’s) ashes:

Here’s a catalog of the religious affiliation of hundreds of superheros, their enemies and sidekicks:

LiveScience – What was ailing Tiny Tim?

Test drive of the 300 mpg Aptera car by Popular Mechanics:

Top 10 Physically modified people



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