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The Huckabee Campaign on Rush


I just talked to Huckabee campaign manager Chip Saltsman, who describes himself as a “huge fan” of Rush Limbaugh.  Saltsman told me he “doesn’t have a clue” who the Washington-based Huckabee ally quoted by the Atlantic is.  “Unfortunately, anybody who gets the ear of a reporter can say they’re a Huckabee ally, but that’s not the view of the campaign,” Saltsman told me.  “We’re big fans of Rush Limbaugh and have been for years, and I can tell you that’s not what we think at the Huckabee campaign in Little Rock.  We have nothing but respect for Rush Limbaugh and know that he’s a big part of the conservative movement in this country.  That’s one person’s opinion in DC, but it doesn’t represent the view of the Huckabee campaign.  I can only hope we’ll get a chance to talk to Rush and make sure that he knows that’s not coming from us.”