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Romney & King For What It’s Worth


I went and checked back issues of the New York Times to see what it said about Romney and MLK etc back then.  I’m still going through it — though I may just hand all this off to Jim or one of my colleagues. But I found one NYT headline from March 10, 1965 “Romney Leads a Protest.” The story is part of a series of dispatches from coordinated civil rights marches across the country. There’s a picture at the top of the page from the famous protest in Selma, showing MLK march. 

Anyway, I haven’t watched the by all accounts cringeworthy explanation from Mitt, but I can certainly imagine growing up in a house where your Republican dad led a march in racially polarized Detroit timed to coincide with MLK’s Selma march and thinking your dad marched with King. Romney was foolish to say what he said and, apparently explain it the way he explained it, but he has every right to take pride in what his father did.  


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