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I’ve gotten lots and lots of queries about the book tour. I’ve also gotten a few complaints about promoting the book in the Corner. Well, some of that is unavoidable. But fear not. Starting early in the New Year, there will be a blog/web page for the book hosted here on NRO. It will have answers to all most of your questions. It will have book signing dates and locations, speaking events, excerpts, a bibliographic essay, links to podcasts (I just recorded the Glenn (Instapundit) & Helen Show), reviews etc. I will also start the process of responding to some of the critics, who are already legion out there if my email is any indication. In short, it will siphon off much, but not all of the action here at the Corner. I hope some of you will check it out. 

Anyway, thanks for the interest. Books need friends as much as they need enemies. It’ll have plenty of enemies (see the “discussions” at Amazon, for example), so I’m heartened to know it will have friends as well.