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The Mullahs Have Found Me Out


Heartfelt thanks to Scott Peterson, the Christian Science Monitor’s man in Tehran, for singling me out in his article on the 20th entitled “Regime-change fears drive Iran’s vice crackdown.” He writes carefully, as any Western journalist in the Islamic Republic must, about the unprecedented crackdown by regime thugs on any form of fun, including “women whose dress is deemed ‘un-Islamic’.” Peterson says the whole thing began as a campaign against common criminals, but is now clearly a widespread repression of anyone who might harbor antipathies toward the regime, and might act against it. That means the regime is actively repressing the vast majority of Iranians, who have repeatedly demonstrated their antipathy toward the mullahcracy under which they suffer.

Which is where I come in. “On the internet,” he writes, “Iran’s security services have become familiar with American regime-change neoconservatives such as Michael Ledeen, who has argued that with US support, “we could liberate Iran in less than a year.” And Peterson finds “a veteran (Iranian, it seems) analyst who asked not to be named” who says that “Their vulnerable spot is these ‘Westoxicated’ Iranians–the threat is not military attack, but Iranians who live differently from us, who listen to the West.”

True enough, that’s what I’ve always said.

And if the mullahs are afraid of pro-Western Iranians, they’re doomed, because Persia is part of the West. Indeed, it’s one of the West’s founding fathers. They know this, and they are doing their damnedest to extirpate the memory of the great thinkers and rulers of Persian history, and trying desperately to silence the enormous number of Iranians who insist on speaking and fighting for the honor of that history. Take a look at Peterson’s article, you’ll see just how panicked the mullahs are, as they warn Iranians not to talk to foreigners, not to go to foreign conferences, and to take to heart the ‘message’ sent by the arrest of several American academics earlier this year.

And then ask yourself–and our leaders–why the Western world does not help these people.


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