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From  my Odd Link Gal (parental advisory for some items always implied):

Tomorrow is Festivus For The Rest Of Us.  
In the meantime, today is Global Orgasm For Peace Day.   Grandparenting behavior in birds:   UEA – A helping hand from the ‘grandparents’       Related article on the evolutionary importance of grandmothers, a subject close to my heart:       Inkling Magazine – On the Origin of Grandmas   Edible – REINDEER PATE   An old story but worth remembering – Beginning Dec. 24, 1914 German and British troops in Belgium laid their weapons down, and crawled out of their trenches to celebrate Christmas with carols, gifts and an impromptu game of soccer in No Man’s Land. – Local – Truce ‘a short peace in a terrible war’   Russian boy who was raised by wolves is found, then escapes.   Double helix chew toy for dogs:   DNA Helix Natural Rubber Dog Toy |   Instructional video – how to teach you dog to limp.   British doctors have made a tongue-in-cheek complaint to a chocolate manufacturer after the firm changed the shape of two sweets that could be used to measure testicles in pubescent boys.   German man jailed because he trained the dog to raise its paw sharply when he heard the words “Heil Hitler”:   Photo gallery from NASA – Mars As Art   The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz – Identify sounds from scifi movies and TV.  My results: “You’re a major sci-fi geek! Do you speak Klingon?”
Gallery of zoo animals celebrating Christmas.   Gallery of albino animals.


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