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Rudy’s Headache


Rudy Giuliani tells ABC News the story of the day he had to leave the campaign trail for the hospital:

Giuliani: It was a terrible headache, I mean all day — it got worse all day.  It got really bad at night, when I was speaking to a crowd and did a press conference with Sen Bond.  Got on the plane.  I imagine what happened is the pressure of the takeoff made the headache worse than I’ve ever had.

Stephanopoulos: Did you black out?

Giuliani: No.  My staff was very concerned so we turned around.  I actually made that decision.  Were only 6 or 7 minutes out.  It actually made no sense to get on the plane.  I probably thought of it.  Once I got on and the pressure got worse I said let’s turn back.  They decided, you better really check him out.  And they did really check me out.

Stephanopoulos: So what did they check for?  What were they worried about?

Giuliani: They checked everything.  I mean you’d have to ask my doctor everything they checked for.  I mean he put out a statement that I’m in very good health, that every test came back normal.  What I’ll do now is – there’s also, I’m a cancer survivor.  So there’s always the issue of cancer, so I’m going to have him put out a statement and then you know make everyone really comfortable that I’m okay.  But they tell me I’m in very good health.


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