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Lieberman’s McCain Pitch


Senator Joe is raising money for McCain. Sent today via email:

I know that it is unusual for someone who is not a Republican to endorse a Republican candidate for President. And if this were an ordinary time and an ordinary election, I probably would not have done so. But this is no ordinary time — and this is no ordinary election — and John McCain is no ordinary candidate….When others were silent, and it was thought politically unpopular, John had the courage and common sense to sound the alarm about the mistakes we were making in Iraq and to call for more troops and a new strategy there. And when others wavered, when others wanted to retreat from the field of battle, John had the courage and the common sense to stand against the tide of public opinion and support the surge in Iraq, where we are at last winning.

There are many fine people running for President. Many of them are good friends of mine. But I have concluded — and I hope you will, as well — that John McCain is the candidate who can best reunite our country and lead us to victory.