The Real Pakistan Is a Changed Pakistan

by Clifford D. May

My friend and colleague Andy McCarthy makes points that are both powerful and disturbing in his piece on “the real Pakistan.” But let me add this: Back in the 1980s,  when I was last in Pakistan, I don’t think the country was seething with anti-Western hatred. Certainly those I knew, military men in particular, seemed sincerely pro-Western.

What changed? The Saudis embarked on a global effort to stread Wahhabism, their religiously based ideology. In particular they financed madrassas in Pakistan. These madrassas have not turned out scholars. They have instead produced warriors eager to kill infidels and apostates as a part of a jihad to establish the global supremacy and dominance of Islam.

Vali Nasr has told PBS’ Frontline:

[I]n one madrassa in Pakistan, I interviewed 70 Malaysian and Thai students who are being educated side by side with students who went on to the Afghan war and the like. These people return to their countries, and then we see the results in a short while. … At best, they become hot-headed preachers in mosques that encourage fighting Christians in Nigeria or in Indonesia. And in a worst case, they actually recruit or participate in terror acts.

Yet apologists for the Saudis remain a dominant voice within Washington’s foreign policy Establishment. And both presidents and congress have failed to do anything serious about Western dependence on oil controlled by our enemies. 

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