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Here is a very representative example of the response from Huckabites to my latest article:

Bro, you need not be an evangelical to appreciate and support Huckabee’s candidacy … what, you think his issues only appeal to evangelicals? For your sake and the future of the party, I hope you don’t.

What is so appealing about him is that he is speaking to the concerns, and fears even, that many people are experiencing in a global economy.And for God’s sake, in case you are so inclined, leave the floating cross/bookcase alone …

And another:

The only problem with the thesis of your column is that you are wrong.

Many other people other than evangelicals are listening to Huckabee. We listen because he is not part of the “crowd.”

You make a huge mistake if you think this election will be business as usual. Or that illegal immigration will swing your way.

(I have no idea what that last bit means.)

I didn’t mind the Huckabee Christmas ad: I’m a keep-Mass-in-Christmas kind of guy, myself. As for why I think that non-evangelicals don’t find Huckabee very appealing, it is a hunch about the way he has been campaigning combined with the polling data I have seen. Anyone who has recent data on this question, send it in.


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