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Lethal Threats



(You) Well, the jihadist threat may not be Soviet-sized but — based on 9/11 — it’s a whole lot more lethal. And if the next attack includes not just hijacked jet planes but nukes or biological weapons, we’ll be positively nostalgic for the days of crossing swords with the KGB.

[Me] Hijacking four planes and flying them into buildings is more lethal than a barrage of ICBMs backed by a huge conscript army, navy, and air force? You really think so?

Which major war have the jihadi armies recently co-won? How many armored divisions do they have? How many European nations have they subjugated and installed puppet governments in? What’s their industrial capacity? How many engineers, doctors, physicists, chemists, mathematicians do they produce every year? How extensive is their espionage network? How many of our intelligentsia think they are a positive and progressive force?

Don’t flatter them.