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Pakistan and the Candidates


Mike Huckabee, in his Foreign Affairs article once suggested that we might have to invade nuclear Islamist Pakistan. On the death of Ms. Bhutto, his Carteresque gut reaction is now to apologize-but for what?

Barack Obama likewise once thought an armed incursion into Pakistan was an option worth considering; and today Obama tries in desperation to tie the assassination somehow to Iraq, and by extension to Hillary for voting for the war in Iraq.

Bill Richardson wants to force Musharraf out of office from a sovereign autonomous — and nuclear — nation. Ron Paul, well, is Ron Paul, and ties the disaster to U.S. intervention and thus by extension it’s
our fault.

And these are the voices of reason that so often fault a supposedly arrogant Bush on foreign policy?

If there is any fallout from this tragedy at home, it is to remind us that radical Islam has the ability to change world affairs in a matter of minutes (at least if taking out a democratic leader vying for control of a nuclear Pakistan qualifies), that the war against Islamic radicalism goes on, and that we should look carefully at those who wish to be commander-in-chief in the years ahead.

If anyone is helped by such painful reminders it is, on the Republican side, the old pro McCain and the 9/11 savvy Giuliani, and on the Democratic side, the calculating and careful Clinton.


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