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NRO Takes Manchester: Much Better Than Gravel-Kucinich 2008!


On Saturday, January 5, we will know who won Iowa. Candidates will be all about New Hampshire. And it will be debate night in Manchester and National Review Online will be there — and we want you to join us for the evening.

“Right Night: NRO Takes Manchester” will feature our version of the three wise men: the tremendous trio of Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and Mark Steyn.

The night will be cosponsored by the good folks at the new Center for the Renewal of New England Politics and Culture at the Granite State’s own Thomas More College.

Yes, it is true. Rob Long will be leaving his extended vacation (a.k.a. writer’s strike) in sunny California to trek through the snow of New Hampshire with all the rest of us political geeks. And you’re invited to laugh at him. (Guys, he’s funny.)

Join Rob for a panel with New Hampshire resident Steyn and lost-in-New-Hampshire Northeastern Jonah at about 4:30 at the New Hampshire Radisson — full of analysis, predictions, humor, and whatever is legal above Boston.

Stay and watch the debates (R. and D.) with National Review Online and be a part of NRO’s first-ever debate focus group as we liveblog from Manchester. After the debates, our Goldberg-Long-Steyn trio will retake the stage for instant/unedited/possibly-under-the-influence (of Ron Paul fatigue) reactions. We hope you can be there for the unscripted historic event.

There’s no cost involved. RSVP to [email protected]. (We’ll send you directions and the full schedule closer to the event.)

Come one, come all, on the night of Saturday, January 5. Come if you’re in New Hampshire. Make the short trip from Boston. You’re even invited if you want to drive down from Canada.

See you there.


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