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The Judge and the Governor


Judge Bork makes a Romney radio ad to air in Iowa.

Listen here. Text is (here exclusively for a few for NRO readers):

ANNOUNCER: “Robert Bork was Ronald Reagan’s conservative nominee to the Supreme Court.”

JUDGE ROBERT BORK: “Hello, this is Judge Robert Bork.

“These are very important times, and our next President will be called upon to make decisions on some big issues.

“The National Review endorsed Governor Romney, calling him a ‘full-spectrum conservative.’ I agree. Mitt Romney is the best person to unite the strong Reagan coalition of social, economic, and foreign policy conservatives.

“We need strong leadership on the economy, taxes, immigration, and foreign policy.

“And our next President may be called upon to make more than one Supreme Court nomination. Governor Romney will appoint judges who interpret the law, not activists who legislate from the bench.

“I admire that Governor Romney stood up to the activist court’s ruling on legalizing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. His strong leadership served as a model for the nation.

“This is Judge Robert Bork. I urge you to join me in supporting Mitt Romney for President.”

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approved this message.”

ANNOUNCER: “To learn more, log onto Paid for by Romney for President.”


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