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Re: She Bumped Her Head


That is very weird and more than a little hard to believe. If it’s true, the Pakistani government should invite scores of journalists and outside experts to review the autopsy and medical records. If it is a lie, it is an astoundingly stupid one. If the government sticks with that story and doesn’t back it up overwhelmingly they will fuel every conceivable conspiracy theory with Musharraf as the chief villain.

Update: From a reader — and doctor — who is in the lead for my new position of Head Trauma Guy:

Dear Jonah, Your skepticism is well warranted. There is absolutely no way that striking her head while diving back into a car was the cause of death. She arrived without a pulse at the hospital and they never got one back. In order for a head injury to do that, it would have had to cause her to immediately cease breathing and keep her from breathing. It would require a massive head trauma to do that or a high spinal cord injury such as the one of the early reports that the bullet severed her spinal cord at the base of her skull. Now, to add to the conspiracy theories, (hee hee), think about a guy with a handgun running at Bhutto in the midst of an awful lot of people and squeezing off 2 shots, the first of which severs her spinal cord. That’s mighty lucky. Of course, if Allah wills it…What would be easier to do is have a sniper take her down with the gunman in the crowd as the diversion. This doesn’t look good for Musharaf…and by extension, the Bush Administration since they’re backing him.


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