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Big Brother is watching you


…eat your sandwich:

Digital speed cameras which capture drivers smoking or eating at the wheel are being introduced nationwide in a new move to hammer motorists… These are now considered serious offences under new guidelines drawn up for prosecutors.

Kate MacMillan’s round-up of the comments below the story is a perfect snapshot of England, the mother of parliaments and the great exporter of liberty around the world, in its glum twilight:

We’re all being taken for idiots. - Mike, Coventry

This society gets worse and sicker by the day. I can’t wait until I can retire and get out of this hell hole of a country. - Diana, England

Eating a sarnie?! does that also apply to sweets? Or having just one hand on the wheel? which would mean virtually nearly every driver getting caught as (unlike most other countries) most cars are manual! - Cww, Ipswich, Suffolk

Oh happy days in our free and happy country- smile you slaves or I will tax sorry fine you… - Ian, Hereford

I think the use of these high tech digital cameras to catch potentially dangerous drivers is a fantastic idea. I’m tired of observing drivers using mobile phones and smoking whilst driving on our congested roads where full concentration is needed at all times. I’d make the fines higher too, maybe confiscation of their cars would make these irresponsible drivers think twice… – Bill, Warrington England

Will there be two variants of camera? Type A set up to screw Joe Public; type B programmed to disregard police who commit the same offence. - Glyn, Southampton, U.K.

I think I’ll give up motoring and take up drug-dealing, pimping, mugging, burglary, and extortion …it’ll be safer for me, and more socially-acceptable. - David Bourke, Rochester, England.