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Exploiting 9/11 For Political Gain? The Outrage!


Many Democrats are appalled and angered if Rudy Giuliani or some other Republican does it, but apparently Bill Cilnton can use 9/11 as a campaign appeal.  From today’s Washington Post:

“You have to have a leader who is strong and commanding and convincing enough . . . to deal with the unexpected,” [Bill Clinton told an audience in New Hampshire]. “There is a better than 50 percent chance that sometime in the first year or 18 months of the next presidency, something will happen that is not being discussed in this campaign. President Bush never talked about Osama bin Laden and didn’t foresee Hurricane Katrina. And if you’re not ready for that, then everything else you do can be undermined. You need a president that you trust to deal with something that we will not discuss in this campaign….And I think, on this score, she’s the best of all.”


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