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Re: Thompson Makes His Move


Wondering about the early response to Fred Thompson’s closing argument to the people of Iowa, I just spent a moment skimming the comments on YouTube.  About a fifth of the several hundred posts seem unimpressed, but the rest are positive—many simply glowing.  A sampling:

If you call yourself a conservative, you need to vote for this man!

Wow. Watch the whole thing; it’s a little long. I had to wipe a tear from my eye at the end. THIS should be our next President. I know who I am voting for now.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States of America!

Anybody with any patriotism that lives in this country, should see that Fred is right person for the Presidency. He is true to form! This just ignited a big fire in my gut!

WOW, When I watched this, it was like having one of the greatest Presidents of our time talking Directly to me.

That was AweInspiring, 

Thank You Fred!

This is what the American people have been waiting to here. Clear,powerful,humble,honest and Our next president,Fred Thompson

Damn!!!! just Damn!!!!!

While the other contenders are frantically saturating the Iowa airwaves with 30- and 60-second attack ads—Romney is guiltiest, if only because he’s richest—Thompson has sat himself down, looked into a camera, and spoken for a quarter of an hour, calmly and straightforwardly making his case.  I myself find this impressive—in a way, moving.  Thompson seems to have stepped out of the eighteenth century.  He trusts voters to think.  And if the comments on YouTube are at all representative, plenty of people agree.

Which brings me to a couple of questions for Our Man in Iowa, Byron York.  How many Iowa Republicans will have the chance to see the Thompson video?  Has Thompson’s campaign bought television time?  Do they have the money?  For that matter, is there a single television outlet in the Hawkeye State with any airtime left?

While we await Mr. York’s next dispatch, take a look at the Thompson video.  Politics as, from time to time at least, they really ought to be.


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