Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year ...

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Now that he’s got that nearly half-billion pledge of U.S. aid to help him in his struggle against Hamas, the State Department’s very own favorite Palestinian “moderate,” PA President Mahmoud Abbas, is pushing for a rapprochement with … Hamas!  “There is no way for any party here to be an alternative to the other,” Abbas said of Hamas and his own Fatah organization in a major speech today.  ”There is,” he added, “no room for terms like ‘coup’ or ‘military takeover,’ but only for dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.”  [Coverage is from World Net Daily -- h/t Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch]  Of course, the U.S. support for Fatah (the legacy of Yasser Arafat which maintains its own terrorist wing and is pledged to the destruction of our only real ally in the region, Israel) is purportedly premised on the notion that Fatah is an alternative to Hamas, with whom there is no point in having dialogue, dialogue, dialogue because it’s a terrorist organization.

Can this year end fast enough?

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