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“No, The Governor Did Not Have Bariatric Surgery”


This Huckabee-had-secret-surgery speculation struck me as pretty far-fetched.  But you always have to ask about such stuff, so I sent a note to a top Huckabee aide, who answered:

The governor ran 9 miles yesterday and 3 this morning.  He is training for the Boston Marathon while running for President.  You don’t get in shape by having surgery.  His weight loss was a process that many people watched him go through and can attest to.  These rumors are just silly.
When you get a response like that, you always have to follow up, so I sent another note: OK, but did he have this surgery that people are talking about?  The response:
No, the governor did not have bariatric surgery.

So the Huckabee campaign is on the record: no surgery.  I think we’ll need to see more than speculation to claim otherwise.


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