Re: What If?

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Interesting question.  McCain might have prosecuted the war in Iraq better, especially the aftermath of Saddam’s ouster; but would he have invaded Iraq in the first place?  I’d bet no.  I realize he was very supportive of the Bush policy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the policy he’d have made if he’d been president.  He’d surely have ratcheted up the pressure on Saddam, but I think he’d have been more open to persuasion by the State Department, the Defense Department and the Europeans not to do pull the trigger.  After all, the major personnel throughout a McCain administration would have been importantly different, and I doubt they would have been as inclined toward the view that Saddam had to be removed.  I’m not trying to make a judgment about the comparative wisdom here — just hazarding a guess on what might have been.

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