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re: McCain and Iraq


Andy: I suppose we’ll never know for sure whether he would have invaded, but McCain has called the Iraq invasion “necessary and just,” which implies that he would have.

If I can go back a few months to this piece, Mitt Romney and (of course) Ron Paul are the only Republican candidates who have not explicitly endorsed the invasion as something we were right to do in the first place.

…Romney supports the Iraq-war effort today, says he is glad to see Saddam Hussein gone, and opposes a withdrawal timetable. He says he will not second-guess President Bush (or Sen. Hillary Clinton) for going to war based on the intelligence then available in the risky post-9/11 world. Yet he is unique among the serious Republican presidential contenders because he has never said he would do it all over again, and they all have.

Asked in a June 7 debate whether it had been a mistake to invade Iraq “knowing everything you know right now,” he refused twice to answer. He called the question an “unreasonable hypothetical” and said that the issue was a “non-sequitur” and a “null set” (he meant to say “moot point”) because we’re already in Iraq…This has been a staple of his recent war rhetoric, in contrast to his more hawkish rivals…

UPDATE: Speaking of which, here is Romney today putting some daylight between himself and Bush on the handling of the war.


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