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The What If Backlash


Our What If? conversation (has anyone spotted Uatu lurking on the Corner?) has sparked a lot of anti-McCain email. Some of it is entirely fair, but there’s one complaint that bugs me. Defenders of Bush over McCain count McCain Feingold against the Arizona Senator. But here’s the thing: Bush signed McCain Feingold even though he thought it was unconstitutional. I am as opposed to McCain on campaign finance “reform” as anybody (and I’ve got the columns to prove it). But at least McCain believes it. Bush doesn’t. And even though he swore to uphold and defend the US Constitution he signed the legislation anyway, crossing his fingers that the Supreme Court would do its constitutional duty even as Bush punted his. I am fine with holding McCain-Feingold against McCain. But please do not tell me it represents an important difference between Bush and McCain that reflects well on Bush. 


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