The Huckster from Hope

by Jonathan H. Adler

The Huckabee campaign had planned to run an ad responding to Mitt Romney’s criticisms, only to decide at the last minute not to run the ads — at least that’s the story that Mike Huckabee told the press. The only problem, as Jim Geraghty details here, is that the ads were canceled hours before the press conference, rather than at the “last minute.” This is only the latest episode of Huck’s dissembling — and quite an ironic one at that, given that the point of the ad was to complain about allegedly “dishonest” attacks.

Perhaps the ad decision was as last minute as Huck would have us believe, but I’m not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt (and not just because I like Fred). This is hardly the first time the Huckster has had a hard time telling the complete truth. Over the past few weeks, Huckabee has dissembled over Wayne Dumond, the drunk driving pardon, his past AIDS comments, his foreign affairs advisors, among other things. It’s an impressive record to compile in such a short time — and it kinda reminds me of another former Governor from Hope, Arkansas.

[Note: Embarrassing error fixed; apologies to all involved.]

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