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Damning Report on the Lancet’s Iraq Survey


Last year, the British medical journal Lancet published a bombshell report suggesting that more than 600,000 Iraqi civilians had died as a result of Operation Iraqi Freedom and its aftermath. Neil Munro and Carl Cannon have conducted an in-depth investigation into the survey and has a great piece out in the National Journal: Neil summarizes:

George Soros funded the survey. The U.S. authors played no role in data-collection, and did not apply standard anti-fraud measures. The chief Iraqi data-collector had earlier produced medical articles to help Saddam’s anti-sanctions campaign in the 1990s, and said Allah guided the prior 2004 Lancet/Johns Hopkins death-survey. Some of the field surveyors were employed by Moqtada Sadr’s Ministry of Health. The Iraqis’ numbers contain evidence of fakery, and the Lancet did not check for fakery.

The whole article is here.


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