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Andrew, arguing in the alternative, thereby diverting attention from your premise, doesn’t cut it.  The fact that the Republicans, as you suggest, have not upheld the conservative agenda on a wide variety of issues, does not support the notion, implicit in your latest post, that they’ve failed in this regard because they’ve been obsessing over the religious right’s supposed religious agenda.  I do not see evidence to support your claim that the GOP is in danger of becoming a largely religious party, and you present none.  I imagine you were worked up into a tizzy when Ronald Reagan came to office in 1981 with the help of the Moral Majority.    As for Huckabee’s win in Iowa, the idea that that’s evidence of the GOP becoming a Christian Democrat-like party is, well, absurd.  Let’s revisit this at the end of the primary process, Andrew, and let’s see if your fear holds any water.  I think your real objection is religion, period.  If I am wrong, by all means correct me.


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