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Romney’s Mandates


When I asked him about Hillarycare 2.0 back in September (which would set a mandate that would require every American to buy health insurance), here’s what he said:

Romney has also made headlines for his vocal criticism of the health care plan Hillary Clinton rolled out this week. Some observers have pointed out that Hillary’s plan looks awfully similar to the one Romney himself helped enact as governor of Massachusetts.

“My view in Massachusetts was, here’s a good plan for our state,” Romney says. “It’s not necessarily a good plan for everybody else’s state. So my view is, the federal government should give each state the financing flexibility they gave us to allow each state to craft their own plan.

“Now, if they want to copy parts of what Massachusetts did, fine,” he says. “If they want to create an entirely new plan of their own, that’s fine too. But let the states develop their own plans that match the needs of their own populations — not a one-size-fits-all HillaryCare solution.”

Now he seems to be saying, “I won’t force the states to require adults to purchase health insurance, but if they don’t, I’ll cut off their Medicaid funds.” Is that what he’s saying?


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