Is McGovern Rewriting History

by Jonathan H. Adler

In reference to the George McGovern op-ed advocating impeachment noted below, a reader questions McGovern’s claim that he opposed Nixon’s impeachment.

I was . . . suprised by McGovern’s recent statement that he did not call for the impeachment of Nixon, but he is advocating impeachment of Bush.

That is simply an untrue statement.

I heard him give a speech at the U of North Carolina (along with a few thousand others in ? 1974) in which he did advocate the impeachment of Nixon. I was thrilled at the time as I was a fervent McGovern supporter, and indeed shoke his hand afterwards.  I do not recall if I ever saw that in print, but it was not a subtle statement, but a very clear call for impeachment.

In a quick search I did not find anything to corroborate this reader’s claim.  Does anyone else know whether this is true? Is McGovern’s claim he opposed Nixon’s impeachment then but supports Bush’s impeachment now accurate?

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