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Huck on Colbert


On my way to the airport I heard Laura Ingraham griping about Huckabee’s appearance on the Colbert Report last night.  I caught the show, and I had a different take.  The Huckster’s Colbert appearance highlighted many of the things that have made him popular.   He is extremely likable in such low pressure settings.  He has a good sense of humor and comic timing, and it served him well in his back and forth with Colbert.  Being an anti-Huck guy, I would have liked him to fall flat, but he didn’t.  I do, however, agree with Ingraham that one does not need to be bad on policy to be personable and likable.  What the GOP needs is more leaders with Huck’s charm, wit and rhetorical skills, but without his left-leaning populism and know-nothing policy views.


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