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Michigan Primary


As he did before The Detroit News editorial board in December, John McCain hit the ground in Michigan Wednesday in straight-talking, fact-dodging style on the auto industry. Before a healthy crowd in the heart of Oakland County auto country, McCain said he was making no secret of the fact he supported higher auto fuel-mileage standards, mandates loathed by Detroit’s Big Three.

“Michigan is the place with the technology, and Oakland County is the place to do the technology to make us energy independent,” he said. “We’re going to have to invest the money to have the kind of technology to meet those standards.”

McCain’s green pitch left out that Washington’s so-called CAFE law will cost the industry $85 billion in the next decade, and will add thousands of dollars to the cost of every new car ($1500 by estimate of the leftist Union of Concerned Scientists; $5000 by industry estimates).

When polls ask if the cost is worth it, voter support for mileage mandates disappears. Which is why “straight-talkers” like McCain prefer “jay-walking” around higher gas taxes.