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Is McCain TRYING To Antagonize SC Conservatives?


How did McCain turn a question about conservatism into a statement about global warming?  This is a part of McCain’s character that my fellow South Carolinians never liked–he seems to revel in the disagreements, to the point of arrogant rudeness.   Southerners still have a “if you can’t say something nice” aversion to conflict.  When arguments start, our theory is to start pouring more bourbon.   Instead of looking for opportunities to avoid disagreements, McCain seems to revel in them.  When cornered by McCain on issues like illegal immigration or global warming, southern conservatives are forced to say “John, we just don’t agree,” at which time McCain declares that they can’t handle straight talk, anyway.   McCain’s self-righteousness–if you disagree with me, there’s something wrong with you–is very off-putting and somewhat insulting.


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