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Future of the GOP


Actually, Andrew, maybe the GOP is headed the way of the European Greens.

Oh, how silly to cherry-pick someone’s article or book, or some politician’s statement or win in a state or two as conclusive evidence of the GOP’s evolution into something it is not. We all know where Huckabee is coming from. And nobody argues the conservative movement and GOP are well-off. But you conflate the two without much in between. The final chapter is far from written.

Update: And just below, as Kathryn posted, it’s worth emphasizing:

The coalition Huckabee dismisses is a winner (via the NYTimes):

Richard Land, the top public policy official of the Southern Baptist Convention, argued that just as small-government and foreign-policy conservatives could not win a primary without evangelicals, “I don’t think evangelicals can win without most of the rest of those coalitions.


I spoke to the Arlington Group on Thursday. This is a group of leading conservative Evangelicals from across the nation. I asked how many of them supported Huckabee. Less than 50 percent raised their hands. And several of them spoke out against Huckabee. If Jonah’s point in his op-ed was to suggest evidence of a European-style Christian Democrat movement taking over the Republican Party (that’s not what I took away from it), then he needs to provide some elaboration as well. I read Jonah as saying that the conservative movement is splintering and that one of the offshoots is the social-conservative part (which has been given voice by among others Michael Gerson).


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