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We Have a Frontrunner


I am not impressed with the Fox All Stars tonight. Prior to now, all the buzz was about McCain winning and Huckabee having a pretty strong third place. Now, a Romney win isn’t all that impressive (although it was said to be live or die just a few hours ago), a McCain second place has him well-positioned in South Carolina, and Huckabee is in good shape in South Carolina as well.

Then there’s our own Andrew S. below, who sees a convincing Huckabee loss as more evidence of creeping CDUism in the GOP, as well as other big-government actions by Bush and the Republicans. Yet, he’s repulsed by criticism of McCain’s big-government record (a form of liberal fascism if you will).
The primary process is wide open and remains wide open. Romney is the frontrunner — for now. But that can change.


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