Did Jonah Call Yglesias an “Anti-Semite”?

by Jonathan H. Adler

In an update to his “serious” post on Liberal Fascism, Mathew Yglesias acknowledges that he has “been a bit ‘pissy’ toward him ever since he called me an anti-semite in print.” That’s a serious charge, so I went back and looked at the allegedly offending column and failed to find where Jonah said Yglesias is anti-semitic.  Indeed, it seems clear to me that Jonah said Yglesias was not anti-semitic — he explicitly said Yglesias was not a “Jew-hater” but rather negligently insensitive in suggesting that Jewish interests were leading the charge for war with Iran.  For someone who likes to engage in verbal jousting as much as Yglesias does, he seems to have quite the thin skin.

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