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McCain in Myrtle Beach


We followed John McCain’s campaign to Myrtle Beach, SC this afternoon, where he addressed a crowd of around 150 in a high school gym. Veterans are prevalent at McCain events, and many turned out to support him here. McCain is campaigning on a promise to make veterans’ benefits more flexible, and the veterans we talked to at this event cited this issue when asked why they support him:

McCain’s proposals on veterans’ care don’t go far enough for some. In Florence this morning, McCain was asked what he would do to improve benefits for veterans’ spouses. McCain responded that he would have to deal with other problems in the system first:

After the rally, McCain was asked to respond to Ross Perot’s recent attacks on him. Perot has accused McCain of ignoring what he considers to be evidence that American POWs remain alive in Vietnam, and he told Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, “Other POWs won’t even sit at the same table with him.” (Perot’s remarks coincide with the anti-McCain mailer I wrote about Wednesday.) McCain told reporters he was sorry to hear about Perot’s attacks:

Next up: McCain’s big rally in Charleston tonight.


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