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Voter Turnout in SC


Several GOP county chairs here in SC tell NRO that the bad weather hasn’t hurt turnout as much as they feared it would. It’s snowing up by the border, and there are reports of voting-machine malfunctions in the Myrtle Beach area, but officials in other counties — even in places where it is pouring rain — are saying that turnout is average and on track to surpass the 2000 Bush-McCain primary. Officials are attributing this to the large number of viable candidates, which upped the amount of political activity and news coverage prior to election day.

It’s hard to say whom low voter turnout helps and whom it hurts. Lou Nolan, GOP chair for Richland County, told us that trying to figure that out “would be like doing a poll in New Hampshire” — the new catchphrase for engaging in futile guesswork.


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