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A Thompson Supporter Looks Back, Ahead


Rep. Steve King (R, Iowa)
Photo: Nathan Goulding
Rep. Steve King of Iowa is here in South Carolina supporting Fred Thompson, and he took a few minutes tonight to talk to NRO about the implications of today’s primary results for voters whose key issue is illegal immigration. When I asked King which candidate these voters should support if Thompson ends up dropping out of the race, he said, “My friend, the question you just asked me is the very question I’d be asking myself.”

On McCain’s victory, King said, “If your average voter starts paying attention to the race ten days before the vote, and they hear a guy talking about how badly we need to secure the borders,” (as McCain has been doing on the stump lately), “they’re going to assume that he understands the importance of the issue” — even though McCain has only recently adopted that rhetoric.

Without saying anything about Fred’s future plans, King put it this way: “I’ve spent the last five years trying to convince the White House to take securing the borders seriously, and at this point, I’m preparing myself to keep doing this for another five years.”


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